Young man lost front teeth in game made for «drunks»

A young American woman lost her front teeth in a game made for drunks and thus was recorded in a video that has gone viral.

Although it may not be a generality, sometimes it happens to us that when we take a few too many drinks we want to act like superheroes. At parties, there is never a lack of the witty one who wants to challenge everyone to do whatever risky thing there is that, the next day, can leave us with more serious consequences than a simple hangover.

This case also occurred in Delaware, United States, and its unfortunate protagonist is Autumn Cathey, a 26-year-old girl who wanted to experience the behaviors that she and her friends had when drinking alcohol.

26-year-old lost front teeth in game made for «drunks»

Autumn is very active on the Tik Tok social network. There, she decided to progressively document how she looked and acted, while sitting with her friends drinking mimosas. The young woman managed to drink 7 drinks and it was at that moment that she decided to climb on the shoulders of one of her friends as a game to amuse her followers.

In the video, you can first see how Cathey interviews and jokes with some of her fellow party members, who begin to notice something drunk. Later, she is seen climbing on the shoulders of one of them and finally, she is seen without her front teeth and with a blow near her to her chin. The video was removed for its crude content on the Tik Tok network, but web users replicated it on Twitter as seen below:

The most curious thing about this publication on Twitter is that Autumn herself commented on it saying: » I’m fine. They put my teeth back in and put glue on the entire top row of teeth.».

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