Young man gives food and water to stray dogs and they love him on TikTok

In Bolivia, young man gives food and water to stray dogs, many of them abandoned in quarantine. As a reward he receives barks and likes.

Some people say that stray animals are the most vulnerable beings in cities, because as a species we took them out of their habitat thousands of years ago, we modified them by crossing them according to our needs and tastes and, finally, we throw them into the street hoping they will defend themselves because they are «animals».

But these animals they are already so far removed from their ancestors that they are not able to survive in the wild and they stay close to men, in the streets of towns and cities, hanging around farms, escaping death every day. Fortunately, there are selfless people who help them.

This young man feeds stray dogs in a pandemic

During the pandemic, many people abandoned their pets because the news that dogs and cats could transmit the coronavirus would have been misunderstood. Although many of these animals are now on the streets, selfless people give them the opportunity to feed and quench their thirst.

That is the case of Carlos Mendez, better known as kore_25_99 on TikTok, where he has 175.1K followers. In such a way, the social network shares choreographies, challenges and moments in his private life, such as when goes out to the streets of his city to feed stray dogs.

The boy became so famous on said social network that today he has followers who are authentic «korelovers», in part for his work to help little animals and also with other beings of nature, such as plants, which he also «campaigns» for.

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