Young Colombian woman went viral due to demands she makes of her partners

young colombian He published a video where he tells the demands that he has always made of his partners and many were surprised.

In the last few hours, a young woman has been on the lips of many because a video was released where she talks about the requirements that men who want to have a relationship with her must meet. According to the woman, she has received financial help from absolutely all the men she goes out with. However, she clarified that some have given her more money than others but that she understands them.

Young Colombian made clear the requirements that a man must meet to have a relationship

The woman who shared her controversial answers on her Instagram account assured, “I have never demanded more than the basics. That changes depending on the lifestyle you have. If you live at home with your family, then ‘love, give me to plan, for sanitary napkins, for my personal hygiene’. Those things, demand them. The same when you already live in an apartment by yourself. ‘My love, I need you to help me with the services, the rent’“.

In addition, she was emphatic in assuring that if they cannot give a woman money because they are men who do not have possibilities, it is best that they get a “basic woman”. That’s why he added “If you are basic men, who have no money, who have no chance of giving a woman a good life, get yourself a basic woman, of your level. It’s reality». Of course, her statements have had all kinds of reactions that are divided between those who support her and those who criticize her.

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