Young Carmen Villalobos: This is how she looked before «arrangements»

This is how the young actress Carmen Villalobos looked, when she had not yet had her nose operated on. Has it changed a lot, a little or not at all?

She is one of the most famous Colombian actresses in Latin America; his double role in Telemundo telenovela Without breasts there is paradise has made his name break boundaries.

That is why his face is now recognized both in Colombia and Miami, passing through Mexico and many other Spanish-speaking areas. Nevertheless, In its beginnings it did not look like it looks now.

This is the photo of young Carmen Villalobos, with her natural beauty

Many celebrities from the national show business have practiced one or another arrangement to improve their physical appearance and they say that this barranquillera is no exception, although she has not publicly acknowledged it.

Recently An image of its beginnings went viralwhen she played Catalina Santana in the saga Paradise; at that time she was still living in our country.

Has it changed a lot, a little or not at all? Compare and decide…

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With information from: Protagonist