You 1st the new Fonseca song that surprised us

Tú 1ero is the new song that Fonseca premiered and that as usual in his lyrics, he has managed to make us fall in love the first time we listen to it.

this new single It is the first song that Fonseca releases since his album Agustín released in 2018 and the album Compadres released in the company of Andrés Cepeda in 2020.

This is how you sound 1st the new song by Fonseca

The song it is an invitation to take the first step to get closer to the person who moves the floor for us without hesitation, even when there is chemistry.

the expected video of ‘Tú 1ero’ was recorded in Miami and is co-authored and co-produced by Fonseca himself in the company of Richie Lopez.

Currently Fonseca prepares with Andrés Cepeda to start his concert tour Compadres Tour through some of the major cities of the United States.

Let us remember that the album Compadres, was the winner of the Latin GRAMMY® in the year 2020 in the Traditional Pop Vocal Album category.

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