Yina Calderón’s new boyfriend would be a popular music singer

In a publication shared by an account dedicated to celebrity gossip, it was shared a video in which Yina Calderón’s new boyfriend supposedly appears.

Everything seems to indicate that Yina Calderón’s Prince Charming is a young popular music singer named Nico Hernández.

In the video, Nico is seen singing in a disco when suddenly Yina Calderón, who dances, decidedly stops doing so to grab his face and kiss him.

Nico Hernández, the new boyfriend of Yina Calderón

Nicolás Hernández is 21 years old, he is a rolo and participated in the second season of ‘The voice Kids’ being semifinalist of Fanny Lu’s team.

Recently just released a song with our friends from Pasabordo called ‘La Tramposa’ with those of 100 thousand views on YouTube.

So far neither Yina nor Nico have spoken about the relationshipWhat is true is that after the video was published, many affirm that they are a couple.

If it is true that Yina and Nico are a couple, they would enter the group of celebrities who have a big age difference among them.

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