Yellow a song from the roots of Shakira

This week we heard again the Shakira that we wanted to see for a long time, her song “Amarillo” is positioning itself as one of the favorites among our Vibra listeners.

Although we like Shakira as it is now, involved in various genres, including urban, sometimes we nostalgically remember its good old days. They are memories that, in some way, she wanted to bring back as a gift.

“A little pause in my day to sing a love song”said the Colombian in a video she posted on Instagramin which we have her like 15 or 20 years ago: it’s just her, her voice and a guitar, with a melody that dazzles us.

The song he performs is ‘Amarillo’, which he released this year. The original version of her has a more modern sound mix, but for Instagram Shakira chose to give us something more akin to a ballad.

Definitely an excellent song to remember that a true artist is the one who always remembers his roots, tell us if you like it and which song of hers it resembles.

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Taken from Ritmo Romantica