Yeferson Cossio’s sister gave her opinion on her affair with Aida V Merlano

To sister of Jefferson Cossio They asked her about the alleged romance between the influencer and Aida Victoria Merlano and she had no problem answering.

Yeferson Cossio is one of the most recognized influencers in Colombia and his relationship with his girlfriend, the model, musical artist and also digital content creator Jennifer Londoño Muriel, better known as Jenn Muriel, was also very famous.

That is why when the young man confirmed through his social networks that the relationship had come to an end, more than one was surprised, because a few weeks ago they had been seen very close and happy in Europe; They even talked about marriage.

This was what Yeferson Cossio’s sister thought about his affair with Aida V Merlano

A Cintia Cossio, Yeferson’s sister, they asked her some questions through her Instagram account that she did not hesitate to answer. First they asked him «what happened to his brother with his girlfriend», to which he responded by posting a conversation with him via WhatsApp, in which it was suggested that the young man was very sad and hinted that he should travel to Bucaramanga to comfort him.

Later they asked him «what do you think of what your brother has done», and there he did go out to defend him with the following words:

“For me, what has happened in his sentimental life is not going to erase 99% of the things he has done well. What is not perfect? Who of you or us is? His sentimental life he will know how to lead it. ”

Cintia wrote in a story she posted on her Instagram.

Let us remember that Aida Victoria has been involved in several controversies for kissing other celebrities, such as Lina Tejeiro and a beautiful former participant of the Challenge.

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