Would you do the banana diet?

This is a delicious trend, of course if you like bananas, the problem is that if you like them too much you can end up hating them.

The trend is all the rage on social media, especially on Instagram. The mono diet is called “Banana Island” or Island of Bananas.

This diet started in Japan in the 2008 and has emerged as the favorite diet among fashion bloggers. To the trend of mono diet, Banana Island it is about eating only one food every day, in this case the plantains.

To follow the plan, the girls must eat 30 plantains per day. According to the nutritionist Keri Glassman, although this diet is too strict, the point is to create an unhealthy relationship with food so that you later eat less and lose weight. You are supposed to get tired of eating so many bananas and eat less each day until your stomach shrinks.

Would you be able to eat just one kind of food daily?

Taken from TeleMundo