Would this be Nicky Jam’s new love?

Nicky Jam is a well-known artist in the medium and therefore there are many people who are aware of all their movements in the professional part, because the personal part had never been as exposed as it is now.

The singer has been separated from the model Angélica Cruz for a short time after having been married for 18 months due to irreconcilable differences, according to what Nicky Jam said in an interview. He was recently seen with a girl who was clearly not Angelica although she looked a lot like herthey were seen in Miami very caramelized.

Everything was known by the same means that showed all the information about the divorce. According to the video published by the program Tell me what you know Telemundo, the artist is seen arriving at a restaurant in South Beach, in the coastal city of Miami, with his car and with a new company that although most say he looks like his ex-wife, is a mysterious womanwhose identity is unknown. Here the video with all the details.

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Information from: KienyKe.