Women’s soccer team generates controversy with a photo

Over the weekend, a photo was released that caused a stir on social networks, it was taken in one of the dressing rooms after a game and while the victory of Brøndby of Denmark, a women’s soccer team, was celebrated.

Denmark’s Brøndby are one of the best teams in their country in the women’s division and their players found a very ‘Hot’ way to celebrate a win over their title rival.

On November 16, Brøndby beat Fortuna Hjørrin in a tough match by 3 goals to 2 and moved away in first place, 5 points behind his rival on duty, who is his closest pursuer. Until then, everything is normal, but what caused a furor in social networks was the photo that player Theresa Nielsen published on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, in which her companions came out with little clothing and some touching their buttocks.

Danish women’s football is not well known around the world, but this is a good opportunity for it to acquire more fans and to get to know the protagonists of this tournament a little better.

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Source: Metro