Woman with three breasts would be a farce

The news that went around the world about this woman with three breasts goes around again but this time to report that it was an operation and it is not natural.

The intention that I had Jasmine Tridevil of attracting attention, she was undoubtedly overtaken and surpassed. Her story about the decision to have surgery to have a third breast is in all the media in the world, and how not to be? If she is a woman with three breasts!


— Jasmine Tridevil (@JasmineTridevil) September 15, 2014

However, the most skeptical have not fully trusted the impact of the news and the photos that the 21-year-old has published on social networks.

The Florida Local Channel, 10newsdecided to go on the trail of Jasmin and they interviewed her in her own home…

Once there, the woman who paid $20,000 to the doctor who finally, after an extensive search in which he consulted more than 50 surgeonsoperated on her to place that third breast in the center of her chest, she had no objection to lifting her shirt and showing her chest.

The reporter describes that the third breast (the middle one) looks quite strange and does not even appear to be human skin. When questioning Tridevel about whether she could keep her clothes up for a while longer to analyze her breast, she refused, assuring that she was not comfortable at all.

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This is not the only outlet that points to the world being fooled with the weird story…

The DailyDot consulted the surgeon EJ Dicksonwho analyzed the case saying:

“This technique could create a tight round breast in the center of the chest. Furthermore, the three chests would probably be connected, since it would be impossible to create and maintain the separation between the three round structures. The photos show a soft, pendulous breast that is clearly separated from the right and left breast. She essentially has a hanging breast, and that’s not a reflection of what we might expect from this reconstruction procedure.»

About the identity of the girl, investigations have shown that on the website jasminetridevil.com can be found both in your accounts Twitter and Facebook belongs to Alisha Hessler, a woman almost identical to Jasmine.

Faced with all these doubts, the three-breasted woman told the chain 10news: “I knew that people would be skeptical of my story so I recorded the operation and it can be seen on my show,” Tridevil said.

Taken from AND! Entertainment