Woman went viral for her particular dance when she got a job

Currently, a large part of the world population goes through needs and one of them is work and to get it and celebrate, a woman went viral on networks.

The curious story went viral without knowing what it was about and a security camera was the one that recorded the curious moment of happiness.

There are videos that make us sad, or that amuse us like the one about the super mom, but this fills us with great joy.

In the video initially sees a woman who walks quietly through a parking lot and seeing that she is alone, does a dance and continues walking.

Why was the woman who went viral so happy?

The woman was identified as Kayallah Jones. and the moment happened after having left a job interview in which she was hired.

It seems that you knew how to respond very well during the job interview or followed some tips like these.

Who posted the video on Instagram was Dakara Spencerthe same person who had just hired Kayallah.

So I just hired this young lady and this was her response.

Dakara Spence new boss of Kayallah Jones

The video It already has more than a million views on Instagram and proudly now the two work together.

With news like this, who doesn’t dance and celebrate, What news would you like to receive and how would you celebrate it?