Woman ran naked after her cell phone

The reason was very simple, her boyfriend snatched her Smartphone while she was sleeping to erase the evidence of his betrayal, which she found out about.

We know that for many people their cell phone is very important, and they would do anything so that no one sees what they keep on it, including running naked down the street after being suspected.

And what better example than the one that happened in Encarnacion, Paraguaywhen some people who were driving in their vehicle met a man who was running, and behind him, a woman, totally naked, the residents of the area called the police, because they did not know what was happening.

Once the police arrived, it was learned that it was Jason McZara, 30of American origin, who took his girlfriend’s cell phone, Graciela Lezcano, 23 years oldafter discussing «mutual infidelities».


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The bride recounted:

He stole my cell phone because I had videos of him with another woman and I sent them to claim him, and he thought he was going to send them to everyone.

When questioned about her impulse to run after her boyfriend, despite being naked, Graciela explained:

I had important stuff in there, and I’d rather have my sexy body running around town than have my passwords and all my accounts stolen.

During the discussion, the naked girl told her boyfriend that she wasn’t crazy enough to send the videos to other people, adding, «I have those videos just to confirm that you cheated on me and what you did, and that’s enough for me, I told him.»

At that moment, he took the cell phone from her and ran out to erase the evidence, to which Graciela commented:

And he deleted (photos and videos), but he doesn’t know that I have a backup of that. I still have the videos, and that’s fine, I didn’t fail, he failed. I was just sleeping, I was without clothes and he came and broke into my house, and he hijacked my phone.

He said in the interview:

I know that I could have just let him take my phone, but if I let him take my phone he can get a lot of information out of me and he can do a lot worse things for revenge.

He assured that it is a couple problem, and that between them they will solve it, and added:

It suits me that they have seen me and that they distribute my video around.

Taken from The Man’s Guide