Woman married herself after breaking up with her boyfriend

It was an act of self love! Woman married herself after breaking up with her boyfriend. Here his story!

Although today it is no longer considered a priority, many we still dream of finding that wonderful person with whom we will arrive at the altar and we will share the rest of our lives.

We spend our time looking for that special being with whom we plan a future full of happiness, love and even a perfect family; nevertheless, this does not happen in most cases, because some of the people we meet find a way to break our hearts.

And what about us? Where are we? Failed relationships and love breakups have gradually shown us that To be happy we don’t always need someone by our side.

Woman married herself after breaking up with her boyfriend

An example of this is Meg Taylor Morrisona 35-year-old American who, according to the portal Media Drum Worldafter breaking up with her ex in June 2020, she decided that, in an act of immense self-love, she had to marry herself.

Photo: Media Drum World

At first, she felt that having made this decision would make her look narcissistic, but with total determination and in search of her happiness, she went ahead with her self-wedding.

He held a small ceremony which was only attended by his closest loved ones, in order to abide by the rules that exist due to the pandemic. There she wore a beautiful wedding dress, walked down the aisle and read her vows.

Photo: Media Drum World

He later sealed his engagement. with a beautiful ring and a kiss in front of the mirror, before which his guests overflowed with emotion. At the end they enjoyed a great party with wedding cake included.

Photo: Media Drum World Photo: Media Drum World

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