Woman: Fresh! You don’t have to be perfect

Accept it, no matter how hard you try you will never be perfect, so why don’t you choose to be happy instead?

Nowadays, society sells us the story that we have to be perfect: perfect lovers, perfect cooks, perfect housewives, perfect mothers… perfection is our new yoke! Because let’s not forget that we must also look perfect. And it is that Being a woman today is not easy. The standards are very high, put on top of Mount Everest by peers like Beyoncé, whose life, work and physique are so perfect they border on the ridiculous. Can’t we be cooler?

“The great challenge for the woman of the 21st century is the conciliation of all areas of her life, without ceasing to be herself. Inequality when it comes to accessing jobs is evident. All this adds up to the fact that when he comes home, he ‘should’ be able to do housework and take care of his children properly, without complainingand all this should not affect their social or personal life”, explain the psychologists of psycho.org. And they’re absolutely right, right?

Raise your hand if you feel guilty when you decide not to cook and order delivery; or if you feel bad when you leave your work at dismissal time and not hours later; either if you get up on Sunday at 6 in the morning to sweepmopping and doing the laundry… (after working all week, of course).

¡Fresca!, you are not alone, many, many women aim for an impossible-to-reach ideal, so much so that the book recently came out on the market Stop getting bitter for ImPerfectas, written by Lucía Taboada and illustrated by Raquel Córcoles. Below we share their 10 commandments to stop getting bitterpublished by Huffington Post:

Beyond the grace that these commandments can cause us, do we recognize in ourselves the executioners who condemn us? Namely, Are we ourselves our worst judge? It does not mean that we have to be mediocre to be happy, not at all, but we do not measure each aspect of our life with such a high bar and, moreover, that of others.