Woman confronted her stalker in TransMilenio VIDEO

Once again in TransMilenio, the case of abuse against a woman was presented, but this time with an unexpected ending, the woman bravely confronted her harasser, getting him arrested.

The situation arose at 7:05 at night in the route G44 With direction to Saint Matthewthe woman had to wait for the bus to stop at the station Farmhouse to be able to react.

According to his own account, the man believed that she was comfortable with the situation, what the character did not expect was that as soon as she had the opportunity she would give him a tremendous beating.

This is how she recorded it on her social networks.

Of course, the fact has generated all kinds of rejection by the 24-year-old man, the indifference of the men who, seeing the situation, did nothing and more because of the inefficiency of the judicial entities who warned him that the character is not considered a danger. for society and so he will regain his freedom in 36 hours as she herself confirmed in an interview.

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What a pity that the judiciary is not more forceful with this type of people who take advantage of a situation like a full bus to take advantage of their victims.

We admire this berraca woman who courageously faced a character who apparently does not feel any kind of respect for women, what a pity!

This is the profile of Angela’s stalker on TransMilenio.

At Vibra we reject this type of act against women and that is why women and men must act in an equal situation and not remain silent or indifferent, we are all vulnerable and anyone in our family could be the next victim.