With what colors brown is made, super easy to combine!

To know what colors is brown made with It is part of what is known in art as color theory. But for you, we have an express class with the necessary information for you to achieve it.

You may be a great artist and have it clear with all these concepts, but don’t worry if you don’t know how to combine colors to get the brown tone because the truth is, it’s very simple. The color wheel is the principle by which you will know why a mixture of two or more colors results in a different one. This being the case, you just have to venture to play with the light and achieve that tonality that you want to capture in a painting,

In case you do not know how to make purple or you are looking like crazy for the magic formula to combine tones that result in a brown with more or less shine, get ready because we are going to explain it to you as with plasticine:

With what colors is brown color made

Let’s clarify something, brown can be achieved by mixing the three primary colors in equal proportions (at 33.3%). Another way to achieve that hue is through a half and half combination of a primary color and its respective secondary color, for example: red + green. Also, you can achieve this by mixing any color with its complement, such as matching orange and blue or purple and yellow in proportion.

How to make the color brown to paint

Another formula that will give you results is to add a secondary color to two primary colors in equal proportion. That is, if you mix a yellow with blue, you will achieve the green color and if you add red, you will obtain the brown tone in an almost matte variety, but with a very good visual effect for a wall or to capture it on a canvas.

How to make brown color with plasticine

In this case, you will need a very basic mix. First, take a stick of orange clay and add the same amount of red to it, blending them together nicely in circular motions. Later, add a proportion of less than 1/8 of black plasticine so as not to darken the mixture too much and you will be able to see how it forms a dark brown or chocolate tone, which can be very versatile when working with light colors because it generates great contrast and high brightness.

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