With funny TikTok, Lina Tejeiro showed what a mother would be like

through their social networks and with funny TikTok, Lina Tejeiro showed what it would be like to be a mom. Apparently it would be much stricter than it seems!

It is no secret to anyone that the beautiful actress and influencer has a wonderful relationship with her mother, Viviana Tejeiro, because they constantly demonstrate the complicity, support and affection between the two through social networks.

Even a few days ago mother and daughter, in the company of their brothers Felipe and Andrés Tejeiro, made a small tattoo with their initials to symbolize their great family union, which was quite applauded by their fans.

However, although many would believe that by the time the actress becomes a mother, she will have an equal relationship with her children, recently he showed, in a very funny way, that this will not be the case.

With this funny TikTok, Lina Tejeiro showed what a mother would be like… How scary!

Well, through one of his hilarious TikTok videos with which he shows his great sense of humor and generates thousands of laughs, he made a small dramatization of How would you react to your children’s poor grades?

There, visibly angry, she threatens her son with sending him to a public or military school and also tells him that if he definitely doesn’t want to study, «it’s better to make him sell gum.»

So far the funny video It has more than a million reproductions, 184 thousand «likes» and thousands of comments. in which his followers do not stop laughing with his personification.

“The best Tik Tok, are made by Lina Tejeiro. I said 👏”, “This woman is divine, the best at this! ❤️”, “How scared Lina of mom! hahahaha”, “Hahahahahahahaha any resemblance to my reality hahahahahaha”, “It came out Perfect hahahahaha as always.”

And you, Are you or do you think you will be like this when you are a mother? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this note on all your networks!