With fiery video in a bikini, Kimberly sent a message to critics

With fiery video in a bikini, Kimberly R. sent a message to critics. She got tired of the bad vibes of people in networks!

The stunning model and actress from Barranquilla, who a few days ago caused a whole wave of laughter in networks for almost breaking her husband’s nose trying to do a TikTok challenge, recently captured the attention of her fans again, but this time for something very different.

Well, through her official Instagram account, she shared a sensual video in which, wearing a revealing bikini, she showed all the details of her enviable figure; However, although the images set the imagination of more than one flying, what was really important was the message with which he accompanied his video.

With fiery bikini video, Kimberly R. sent a message to her critics

In it, he let off steam and reflected on the criticism that hundreds of Internet users send to others in each publication they make, because they never see how good others have:

«Me:» I’m going to put on this old holiday video 😝» People: «You’re fat. You are chubby. You are very skinny. You look watery, I liked you better before, this old woman doesn’t even know what to do, what did you do to yourself? …”Why is it that we get used to criticizing the other and never seeing the glass full, but instead reaffirming unnecessary emptiness to others? I let off steam in my stories… festive reality 🥺”

Both the recording and his message were widely applauded by his fans, as many even told him that the important thing is what each one carries inside.

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