With daring red baby doll, Daniela Ospina made fans sigh

It didn’t leave much to the imagination! With daring red baby doll, Daniela Ospina made fans sigh.

It is no secret to anyone that the Paisa athlete, model and businesswoman is a woman who exudes sensuality, since With each of the photographs and videos that he posts through his social networks, he confirms it.

With a daring red baby doll, Daniela Ospina made her fans sigh. What sensuality!

Daily he receives showers of praise from his more than 6 million 900 thousand followersbut recently made two publications with which he left more than one speechless.

In the first of them she appeared sitting apparently on the sofa in her house wearing a revealing bright red baby doll with a deep neckline on the chest and leg opening with which he showed off his enviable attributes.

There he confessed that although red is not his favorite color, this tone gives it a special touch:

“This is not my favorite color, but they say it gives a special attitude 🙃 do you like the color red? ❤️🥰”

But in the second she appeared in a much more closed shot, staring at the camera while giving prominence to her bust.

In both images, the ex-wife of soccer player James Rodríguez managed to collect more than 48 thousand and 44 thousand “I likerespectively, and a whole avalanche of comments in which his admirers assure that red is perfect for him.

“😍😍😍 Beautiful for not liking red you look super my Dani ❤️”, “It suits you very well, you look pretty!”, “It looks beautiful on you Dani, very beautiful 🙏❤️Blessings!!!!”, “Bella you look too much ❤️❤️”, “In that color you look very beautiful”.

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