With anger, Paola Jara complained about the comments for her «sweating»

through networks and Visibly upset, Paola Jara complained about the comments for her «chicken sweat»

In recent days, the popular music singer wanted to share with her followers a story on his official Instagram account in which he showed the result of a preparation he made at home: chicken sweat.

However, and contrary to what he expected, his dish became a trend in networks and was harshly criticized, why? Many stated that his appearance was not the best, as they stated that he lacked stew and looked quite «played», which unleashed a whole wave of memes.

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With anger, Paola Jara complained about the comments for her «sweating»

Faced with ridicule and bad comments, the artist decided to speak out through stories and Visibly angry, she assured that it seemed funny to her to be in a trend to make a chicken sweat.

“I don’t see anything strange in that, suddenly it wasn’t the best served, but honestly it was delicious. And it’s not just that, I made a normal lunch, homemade, with love. I don’t understand, well, are they that unemployed?

And you, Do you know how to prepare this traditional dish? What do you think of Paola Jara’s sweat? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to share this note on all your social networks!

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