With an emotional video, Kathy Sáenz celebrated her anniversary with Sebastián Martínez

With an emotional video in which he compiled his great moments, Kath Sáenz celebrated her anniversary with Sebastián Martínez. They are definitely made for each other!

It is no secret to anyone that the beautiful actress Kathy Sáenz and her husband, also an actor Sebastián Martínez, make up one of the most stable and envied marriages of the national show business, because since they decided to unite their lives in 2006 it seems that every day they are more in love

And it is that although their love story began in the midst of great controversy while they were recording the remembered telenovela ‘Juegos Prohibidos’, because at that time the actress was married and expecting her second daughter, and there was an obvious age difference ( Well, Kathy was 33 and Sebastián 22) their love broke all barriers, because even though many claimed that it would only be a passing romance, today they celebrate 15 years together.

Kathy Sáenz celebrated her anniversary with Sebastián Martínez by gathering beautiful memories in a video

Precisely to celebrate this date, the actress decided to make a moving publication through her official Instagram account with which she made many dream of having a relationship like hers with her beloved. It’s from a fairy tale!

Well, in a short recording in which she gathered some photographs and short videos of her best moments, the woman from Bogota showed how the years have passed with the protagonist of ‘Pa’ amarte’.

There he wrote:

«Happy Anniversary my life💫♥️ I love you with all my soul… Today and always I will be grateful for having met again in this life… without you it would not be possible to transcend 💫♥️»

It should be noted that this is not the only publication in which the couple has shown the great affection they have, because for other dates such as birthdays the actor has also opened his heart and he has dedicated wonderful words to whom he calls “the love of his life”.

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