With a funny video, Valerie Domínguez asked her husband for intimacy

Valerie Domínguez asked her husband for privacy with funny a video in which she was seen somewhat «desperate» What a laugh!

Currently, the stunning former beauty queen and presenter from Barranquilla is living one of the most beautiful stages of her life, not only as the wife of renowned athlete Juan David ‘El Pollo’ Echeverry, but as the mother of little Thiago, with whom she constantly shares touching images that steal the heart of more than one.

And it is that although on previous occasions the actress has also stated that this new role was something completely surprising that came at the least expected moment (because she began her relationship, became pregnant and arrived at the altar in 2020), in short it seems that no she changes for nothing, because she constantly demonstrates the immense happiness that surrounds her through her social networks.

There he has shared all kinds of photographs and videos in which he has revealed a part of what he has experienced in this new role, but although everything seems rosy there are some moments (especially as a couple) that are not entirely happy. OMG!

Valerie Domínguez asked her husband for privacy in a very funny way

This was recently demonstrated with a hilarious recording with which many felt identified, because as a claim and with a certain degree of desperation, The woman from Barranquilla reproached her husband for what he promises and what he has not done, while he tries to eat a hamburger.

In the short reel, the presenter says: «like when your husband promises to lower the moon and the stars», which is accompanied by a desperate request in which she said «lower my panties, don’t come to me with your cheesy things, lower my pants!» breeches!»

This of course unleashed a whole wave of reactions and comments in which the majority not only burst into laughter but also saw their own experiences reflected in the funny scene.

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