Wine red hair, for daring women!

If you want to change your look but you don’t know what color to choose, the wine red hair It is perfect for risky and determined women.

The wine red hair trend is something that does not go out of style, but that few women dare to try and wear. This tone is ideal for those girls who are determined to radically change their look but make them feel comfortable and above all beautiful.

wine red hair color

Wine red is a trend that you will love in your hair, surely many girls remember this style because of the famous Roberta Pardo when she wore it in the telenovela “Rebelde”. The truth is that it does not go out of style and is ideal for those who want something different that, accompanied by a modern cut, will be a fabulous result.

Wine red with violet hues

Wine-colored hair is intense, deep and original, accompanied by some violet nuances give an incredible result. That’s why dare to try this style that looks good with any skin tone.

Cherry wine red hair

This color is perfect for women who have fair skin tones. In addition, it is perfect when combed with waves because they add movement and depth, which provides a good effect of light and shadow.

ombre combined with red wine

If you have dark-toned hair but want to try a wine red color without having to paint all your hair, you can opt for this good option. All you have to do is add highlights and shine to your dark hair using a smooth transition.

Wine red with hints of cinnamon

This is a very good option for women with brown skin, it is a cinnamon wine red tone that looks good on well-defined, hydrated curls that will fill your face with shine.

Wine Red Balayage

This is a style that, thanks to its technique, creates a natural effect and the transition from one tone to another in a very subtle way. Although it is widely used in blonde tones, wine red hair is one of the options for balayage that will make you look even more beautiful.

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