Will the age difference be a reason for failure in a relationship?

We are not very sure that this is true, however, a study would confirm that it is so, the age difference can be one of the most important reasons for a love relationship to fail.

We believe that everything is in the personality of the people who make up the couple, and we see it in couples like Shakira and Piqué and Kathy Sáenz and Sebastián Martínez.

We rarely think about that and it is still just a number, but a study done in the Emoru Universityin Atlanta, United States yielded some important data that are worth knowing.

The teachers Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon analyzed more than 3,000 couples and found that those with the greatest age difference had higher divorce rates.

The greater the age difference, the greater the risk of separation?

Among the results they found that couples with a difference of more than twenty years have a 95% of probabilities of separating, those that have 10 years difference 39% and those who take five years difference have 18% of chances of ending up separated.

Also, the ideal age difference in a couple is only 12 months. Well, if you marry someone a year older or younger than you, then there’s only a 3% chance that relationship will end, according to the study.

Finally, if you are a few years apart with your partner, do not despair, since it is not a sign that your relationship is doomed.

For Hugo Myalonone of the study’s authors, believes that the success or failure of a relationship has more to do with the personality of the individuals than the date of birth.

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