Wicks in black hair, look beautiful with these tips!

We tell you what colors are ideal in this 2021 to make you highlights in black hair, because yes you can! Even if they tell you no.

If you are one of the girls who believes that because of the tone of your hair you cannot do highlights or lights in black hair without changing the base tone, cart! The key is to use a gradient, whether it’s Californian, balayage or another.

What color of highlights looks good with black hair?

Innovating and making changes to our look will always be a good decision, we must use various tools to stay at the forefront and look cool and unique. The wicks or highlights for dark hair are a valid option, you can play with colors and styles no matter even if your hair is short.

There are several options and you should not fear any of them. knows the shades They will surely go very well with your style.

Highlights in black hair with caramel tones

It is a shade of highlights in black hair very popular, it will manage to give warmth to your jet hair, as long as you do not use it from the roots, but with a gradual lightening.


Copper tones will never go out of style, and even more so strands in black hair of this category, because they combine perfectly with the depth of dark and black hair.

Wicks in black hair with gray tones

Girls who dare to use shades of gray in their highlights for black hair. We have no doubt that it is a wise decision. Would you do it?


If you are daring and you love to look different from all the others, the highlights in black hair of bluish tones are your thing, because they can blend into the dark and jump out at you with the light.

Ash blonde highlights in black hair

If your wish is to have black based highlightsthis shade is perfect, you just have to rely on expert hands in the ombre technique (gradual mixture of two tones).

Short black hair streaks

If you want to illuminate your short hair any of these shades will work for you, just be careful with the volume of the same so that you do not saturate your appearance.

Now that you know how to make highlights in black hair, run to the beauty salon! You will love the result. Also, share it on your networks, especially with black-haired women.