Why was the model Paola Ariza expelled from a reality show?

«La Pela Viejos» as the young model is known again he was the protagonist of a scandalThis time Paola Ariza was expelled for her aggressiveness.

Paola is a young woman from Barranquilla who Some time ago she was accused of scamming an American he met virtually.

His love relationship with Brian Harrington was given by social networks and WhatsApp messages and without knowing her he transferred more than 6 million pesosyes

Obviously she never gave them back, because she never asked for them, he only told him that he needed to solve his financial problems.

For this aggression Paola Ariza was expelled from a reality show

Paola was participating in a reality show along with other influencers from the Caribbean region, however, during one of the competitions everything got out of control.


None of those involved in the incident has commented on the fact, what is true is that from the place she was seen leaving escorted and with suitcases in hand.

But this scandal only adds to others, even in 2020 the singer Engell Melody accused her of not returning 12 million pesos which he selflessly lent her.

PAY THE MONEY, they say it’s an advertising strategy but no one is going to charge you at a joke shopping center HAHAHA the nerve is on point pic.twitter.com/2qYyqTCcvc

– EYE VALLENATO OFFICIAL (@ojovallenato_) October 23, 2020

The model who is very active in social networks He has about half a million followers and there he makes posts full of sensuality.

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