Why is my hair falling out so much?

Clogged follicles, abrasive shampoos, poor diet, hormonal changes, medications and stress are just some of the causes.

Causes of hair loss in women

Analyze how the hair of the women in your family is: strong, thick and abundant, or weak, thin and sparse? Genes define how your hair is and will be over time, however other factors also cause hair loss.

“It is possible to reverse the loss and restore vitality to a mane, but we need to change the way we have treated our hair for years,” says hair growth specialist Sandra Martín del Campo, from the Genetic Tuck Altavista hair spa, who tells us about the main reasons why women lose their hair and how to stop it:

The follicle is covered

Due to the production of sebum or other accumulated products, the duct through which the hair grows does not allow its exit, retards its growth, weakens it and ends up pulling it. «Brightening oils, conditioners, moisturizing treatments, styling agents such as waxes, creams, mousses and gels, no matter how much you put them only on the ends, they travel towards the root and end up on your scalp,» says the specialist. Dust, pollution and dander are also plugging agents.

Although there is no miracle procedure, it is possible to stop hair loss and recover lost hair with a correct diagnosis and timely treatment. If you go to a hair loss and regrowth control center on time, a professional fills out your medical history, applies a cold laser to stimulate the blood supply to the scalp and thus better receive the anti-loss treatment, and finally performs a diagnosis of the health of your hair with a microscope to determine what treatment you need.

You use a shampoo-detergent

If you read the label of your shampoo and your laundry detergent, you will find that both contain the same chemicals, which are too abrasive, stress the scalp, dry out the strand, and far from cleaning and nourishing it, stimulate its sebaceous glands to produce more fat. To reverse it, do the following:

– Prepare. Use a detoxifying cleansing treatment that gently and deeply removes impurities, boosts circulation and strengthens weak follicles. Massage the scalp and let it work for two minutes.

– Wash. Use a purifying shampoo daily, with a botanical formula, proteins and vitamins, without detergents or parabens, that fights the accumulation of sebum, stimulates the scalp and accelerates cell renewal.

– Moisturizes. Apply a fortifying conditioner with vitamin L, as it is essential for the formation of proteins in the body, provides it with nutrients and makes it stronger and thicker. Massage gently, let it act, if you wish, do not rinse and comb it normally.

You pull and/or mistreat him

It’s a myth that hair grows longer if you brush it excessively or if you sleep with it tied up in pigtails or braids. On the contrary, with this you are pulling it up and uprooting it. Also if you rub it, untangle it with force, squeeze it too much in a bun, abuse the iron, curling iron or dryer, or rub it wet with a towel. Other ways to weaken it at the root are to dye or bleach it very often.

To do? Gently untangle it when it’s wet, never sleep with it tied up, leave it slightly loose when you hold it, don’t overuse heat tools, and choose highlights or highlights, as they will damage the root less than a complete dye.

Your health is not optimal

Having a poor diet, a strict diet, poor in vitamins and proteins, affects the growth of strong and healthy hair. Hair loss is usually significant after an illness, surgery, a hormonal change such as pregnancy or menopause. Side effects of some medications, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, health problems such as anemia, thyroidism, serious infections or autoimmune diseases are also a reason for significant hair loss.

Act immediately. “The sooner you do something to control hair loss, the safer you will recover lost hair, since when there is still an open follicle, it is possible that through certain hair treatments you stimulate its blood supply and help new growth. The already closed follicles of a bald scalp will no longer be possible to stimulate them to reactivate growth”, affirms the expert.

Nerves or intense emotional stress

Hair loss is no longer exclusive to men, since the current rhythm of life is the main reason for this loss in young women. It is already a habit to work intensely, drive in traffic, have a thousand activities and relate to others in a complicated way, but hair loss due to stress usually appears after some prolonged psychological event. Stress damages hair follicles because hormones are released that weaken the hair root and thin it out.

Become aware whenever you feel nervous or tense, and reflect that you are the only person who can allow external events to stress her.

Relax with deep breathing, transcendental meditation, or yoga. Hair loss due to stress is only temporary and it is very possible that a few months later the hair will grow again.

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