Why does a man look for you and then disappear?

if you wonder why a man looks for you and then disappearshere we have not only the most likely reason, but what to do about it.

There are many types of toxic relationships. Some are incredibly intense, in others there is jealousy and in others there is absence. The latter is the case with what millennials now call breadcrumbing (something like “crumb”)which is nothing different from the typical “neither with you nor without you”.

We mean the guy who treats you like a queen, doesn’t know where to put you, and then disappears for a week. After 8 days he reappears, all cool, etc. Now you understand what we mean. To the man for whom perhaps you are simply a «low rice».

If you are not entirely sure if you are in the middle of a relationship of these characteristics, we will give you a hand, you just have to answer yes or no to the following questions:

  • Is he with you for a week and then he misses 15 days?
  • Sometimes you don’t take off WhatsApp and then not even a greeting for weeks?
  • One day he tells you that he loves you and the next he tells you that you are nothing, but just friends?

If you answered yes to at least two of the three questions above, we’re sorry to confirm that you could be being breadcrumbing.

We explain why a man looks for you and then disappears

Well, what we came for! Let’s say you already know you’re in this kind of relationship, and worst of all, you’re mad at yourself for falling in love so unequally. It’s time for you to know the reason why he acts that way with you and there is only one: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE.

This type of behavior is typical of a committed man towards his lover, when he prefers to hide his true marital status from her. So the best advice we can give you is to cut off that love immediately; It may hurt at the time, but you are avoiding problems, because he will never leave his wife for you.

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