Why do we wear black when we are in mourning?

The reason why we wear black as a sign of mourning when someone close to us dies is more chilling than death itself.

At some time in life we ​​have had to go through the sad situation of having to say goodbye to a loved one; we show our pain by wearing black to attend the wake and burial; we keep this mourning for some days, weeks or months. In some parts of the world, widows wear black for the rest of their days.

Nothing darker than death. Nothing darker than the color black. The relationship, at least for us, is very clear: mourning equals black clothes… But it is not like that everywhere in the world, well there are some very curious exceptions:

  • In ancient Egypt and some centuries of the Roman Empire, mourning was kept in red.
  • The white it was the color of mourning for much of the European monarchy during the Middle Ages; nowadays they use it in some Asian countries, as well as some certain ones of Islam.
  • Some Buddhist cultures wear colored mourning clothes. yellow.

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But why do we use this color and not another? The answer will surprise you. It turns out that in Western civilization – that is, European culture – our ancestors believed that after death, before going to purgatory, the spirits left the bodies and wandered the earth looking for their relatives. In order not to attract the attention of their dead, those who were in mourning dressed in black, so they would not be seen at night and could not be found.. Creepy, isn’t it?

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