Why do we fail in love? Santiago Molano responds

In our program #VibraenlasMañanas we talk with the consultant Santiago Molano who told us about the false perception we have about love.

We falsely generate expectations about what really makes us happy and before looking at ourselves, it is easier for us to blame others.

Love is shown to the extent that the other does what I want and that is the origin of all conflicts.

It is wrong to believe that our partner has an obligation to make us feel loved.

Is it wise to go to the altar completely in love?

Falling in love is a biological reaction that is not sustainable over time… From falling in love you cannot build a relationship because basically it is an unreal state that will end when that state passes.

Why do we keep the hope that the other person will change when we do not feel loved? Is it possible to enjoy love without commitments? You can listen to these and other questions here.

There are two reasons why we fail in love

The pedagogical purpose of a couple relationship is to learn to be happy by ourselves and the hope is in understanding that the other person has no obligation to us.

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