Why do men prefer them with heels?

That men prefer them with heels is not an urban myth, it is a reality, a study showed it, but why? Here are the reasons.

That the models, actresses and celebrities of entertainment most admired by men almost always walk in heels is not a coincidence. The truth is that they have a marked preference for women who wear high-heeled shoesDid you know?


Although heels are painful and uncomfortable, many women prefer them to flats because they feel better groomed and more presentable. Now we can state that, in addition to the above, this type of footwear makes men act preferentially towards women who wear them. And we do not say it, but a scientific study that did not evaluate the way men act, not what they say.

In summary, the study put men in different situations in front of women with or without heels (picking up an object that they had dropped, approaching them in a bar, answering a survey on the street) and on all occasions, they preferred heeled shoes by a high percentage over women who wore flat shoes.

But why do men prefer them with heels?

  1. With heels they see us more tall and slender.
  2. When we walk with high shoes we sway our hipswhich catches your attention.
  3. On a psychological level, heels are associated with women sexually active.
  4. High heels make us move carefully so as not to fall, which makes us look more feminine and delicate.
  5. Culturally, women in heels are seen as powerful and successfulespecially in the professional area.

What do you think?

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