Why do I like men with gray hair?

Men with gray hair are irresistible to some women, why? Here are some reasons…

In a matter of gray hair, men and women are measured by different standards: gray hair in us means old age and carelessness, on the other hand, in men it is often a great attraction, which even he becomes irresistible to some women; in fact, a study carried out by the portal Match.com revealed that 72% of us find gray-haired men very attractive, why? At Vibra we try to answer this question, join us!

Why do you like men with gray hair?

  • Because gray hair makes them look like beings of characterdetermined and who are masters of their own destiny, but yes, the specimen in question must be well groomed and dressed, take care of himself, so that the gray hairs are the cherry on the cake.
  • Because they make them look mature: Most of us women are looking for an independent and emotionally mature man, as the song said, we don’t want “a lost child looking for a mom”, and on an unconscious level gray hair is a sign of maturity.

  • Elegance: Throughout history, gray hair has been a sign of elegance, especially thanks to the great Hollywood stars who wear their gray hair with great pride.

  • We find them more masculine: Many of us find them more masculine than those who do not have them, as they have deliberately decided not to paint them, which would reflect that they are very sure of their appearance, and that excites us!
  • Reveal experience: In addition to maturity, gray hair in men is also associated with experience, which makes them much more interesting for us, since we believe that we will have a lot to learn.

And you, Do you like or not men with gray hair? Write what you think in the comments of this note.

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