Why did Daniel Arenas, former Carolina Cruz, appear crying in his networks?

After passing through the reality show Protagonistas de Novela, Daniel Arenas wanted to continue his career as an actor and managed to consolidate it in Mexico.

His talent led him to star in several productions, in this way Daniel, Carolina Cruz’s ex-boyfriend, became one of the most important actors of the moment in the Aztec country. For that reason, he achieved great recognition and over time the affection of many people who saw him in different novels.

However, a video of the actor on his social networks where he appears crying was what this time caught the attention of his followers. Why? It turns out that Daniel turned 40 and was surprised by his family and friends with a tremendous party, so he could not help crying.

In the recording that the actor published on his Instagram account, you can see that his loved ones put him to listen to a children’s song and then «Your birthday» by Diomedes Díaz. As the songs played, his sentimentality increased to the point that his parents had to comfort him.

Immediately, the reactions of his fans were immediate, so in addition to congratulating him on his birthday, they sent him messages for his big heart.

How about the birthday surprise that Daniel Arenas received?

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With information from: Pulse