Who is the new love of Martina La Peligrosa?

We all know that the singer and younger sister of Adriana Lucía had a famous relationship that ended some time ago, but now everyone is wondering, Who is the new love of Martina La Peligrosa?

Let us remember that the relationship with Diego Jaimes occurred last year before Christmas apparently by a third person, which triggered the end of a courtship of almost 3 years.

After this situation, Martina decided to make drastic changes in her life, the most recent to date, a new boyfriend who showed parts of her body on social networks.

After the storm comes the calm And it seems that Martina La Peligrosa has it very clear, she gives love a chance again, but nobody knows who the lucky man is.

In the images she appears literally “crotched” with the gallant and in his phrases it is clear that he is definitely someone who makes her feel very good.

Who is the new love of Martina La Peligrosa?

“Love, wanting is running in the opposite direction to the wounds. Yes, and a thousand times yes. 🌜✨”

Text with which Martina accompanied her photo.

“Get lost with someone who is as crazy as you are. When intuition entrusts you with that minimum of complicity, take a risk. When you feel that need to freak out over each other’s weirdness and feel out of the crowd, GET LOST. Hold on and run without explanation. Antonella Carvajal

Text with which Martina La Peligrosa accompanied her photograph

The details of his tattoos relate him to un man who also lives and breathes art and music like herhe has long hair, bozo and his body is full of tattoos.

The mysterious man is someone who calls himself on social media as Camilo Maria and although his Instagram profile appears private –@bahamonsanjuan– in his description it appears that he is an actor and art director, founder of ‘La Comba Producciones’ and director of ‘Discos Fiera’.

While Martina tells us who she is, we hope she is happy, Thus, many of his followers on social networks do not seem to be the type of man for her.

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