Who are the most lying women of the zodiac?

No person likes to be called a «liar», however, we all tell lies for different reasons and reasons and that is why we are going to show you which are the most lying women of the zodiac.

With the help of astrology we are going to reveal it, since this study can construct a meaning of celestial events and constellations, based on the interpretation of their correlation with earthly events.

We don’t know if you tell white lies, but definitely if you are part of one of these zodiac signs, without realizing it you could be more of a liar than usual.

Top 3 of the most lying women of the zodiac

#3. Cancer

Although Cancer girls are loyal, when they want to avoid trouble they don’t think twice and tell «white lies».
These girls born between June 21 and July 20 They fight until they get what they want and they are not interested in the means that are necessary to use as long as it helps them reach their goals.
Cancer girls don’t like to hurt with their lies, that’s why when they tell them, they try by all means that no one finds out that they told lies.
But be careful, when you cheat on a Cancer woman, she may tell you that she will forgive you, but she will never forget it.

#two. Virgo

Virgo girls were born between August 23 to September 22 and they are also usually one of the most liars of the zodiac according to astrologer John Farrell who assures that these women are characterized by being modest and disorderly.
Some of these women are also too shy and that sometimes makes them tell more lies than they should and they do everything by default.
So the lies of these girls are usually not with bad intentions, only when they are upset they could hurt by saying «little lies».

#1. Gemini

Women – even men – born between May 21 to June 20 they are the biggest liars and the reason is their double character, very complex and difficult to cope with.
They are so «imaginative» that this can lead them to justify their lies.
In addition, they are usually very strong and so that no one can hurt them, they lie when they say that they are strong and well in all aspects, even though the reality is completely different.