which ring? Now fashion is the finger piercing!

Gone are the times when we adorned our hands with rings, now the fashion is to open holes in the skin of the fingers to put on a piercing or several, impressive!

Having a ring on your hand (or more) has always been very fashion, because these accessories help to complement your entire look, giving your image a sophisticated and distinguished touch that steals all eyes; well the trend of pierced hands took this too far.

What ring for when you can wear one? jewel like this between skin and bone? Although it looks very painful!

To us it may seem like a headless fashionhowever, it is already a trend on Instagram.

Do you want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up? Look how they put a piercing of these.

For the literate in the piercing underworld it may be nothing new, but for us it’s still impressive! How about where you get tangled up in something? Oh oh oh, what a pain!

also vibrates with: Kardashian got piercings in her melons

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