Which of these Colombian comedies do you identify with?

Making a «recorderis» of the programs and series of our Colombian television and in view of the fact that today the only thing we see on the magic screen are reality shows -which have no magic at all- we decided to recount those TV series with which We grew up surrounded by our family.

We start with Let’s get rid of pods a successful series written by Daniel Samper Pizano and Bernardo Romero Pereiro, which with a lot of humor, showed the daily life of the Colombian middle class family. The Vargas family made of Puchis, Renata, the girls Margarita and Teresita, the boy Ramoncito, Aunt Loli, Josefa and Costeño.

This is the presentation of the program in 1993

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Mr Chinche It is a series considered «one of the best national productions and of great value for its contribution to the traditional portrait of Colombian reality.»

Through humor, intelligent dialogues and characterizations, he portrayed the life of a group of immigrants from the countryside who engage in any activity in order to survive, his characters were Don Chiche, Eutimio, Don Joaco, Doña Berthica, Miss Elvia, Rosalbita and Doctor Pardito.

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Romeo and Buseta It was a series that brought the same success as Don Chinche, where its protagonist was William Williama paisa worker who was a bus driver in Bogotá.

The leading weight was held by the Tuta familywhose patriarch was Triune Epaminondas Tutawho was the owner of the transport company in which William worked.


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In the 90’s it came N.N. the series created and starring Germán Escallón, who played “NN” Nero Navarrete, a man of peasant origin who seeks a better life in the city. His clumsiness, the cause of many contradictions, is only matched by the tenderness of his character, always gallant that makes him get involved in all kinds of crazy situations in his desire to conquer the world with his only family, an uncle named Jupiter.


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secret flight reflected the humorous situations of the staff of a travel agency in which a couple had to deal with their secret love since relationships were prohibited between employees as a company policy, and under the command of Ernesto a naughty boss

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And finally temptations which told the story of the bet between an angel and a devil for the dissolution of a marriage. The Angel Seraph «promised to Beautiful lighta devil with all the sensuality typical of sin, that if Camila and Raphael separated, he would lose his wings and accompany her to hell.

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