Which Disney Princess Are You?

Answer a few simple questions and find out which Disney princess you are in your heart, it will tell you a lot about yourself!

We grew up watching their stories over and over again, both in the movies and on television. They got into the depths of our minds and for many of us, they were the first teachers of what love should be, in addition to examples to follow in feminine behavior.

Even if we do not agree today with the stereotypes of Disney princesses, it is undeniable its influence on female psychologythat’s why discovering your inner princess can help you get to know yourself better, do you dare?

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Did it come out or «little bit»? He writes the answer in the comments. Also, share this note on your networks today, when it would be Walt Disney’s birthday, you will help your friends to know more about themselves! And since you like these princess themes, Do you remember the time that the most famous singers in the world imitated them?

See JLo, Beyoncé and others, as if they were Disney characters, here http://t.co/22nsrcD4d7 pic.twitter.com/5xwMW0QyHw

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