Where is the money that Will Smith left for street vendors in Cartagena?

The money left by Will Smith for street vendors in Cartagena it disappeared and reached in a minimal quantity the people for whom it was intended.

It is known that the actor and rapper who will publish a book recounting all his memories has great appreciation for our country since he has been visiting cities such as Bogotá, Ibagué and Cartagena. Apart from filming movies and music videos. he had the time to walk its streets, talk to people and try the gastronomic delights that Colombia offers.

Smith loved Cartagena. Walking through the streets of the Historic Center he was able to discover not only the magic of the cobbled streets and its architecture. He also learned about the stories of vendors who make a living every day selling their products and adding color to the busiest areas there.

Where is the money that Will Smith left for street vendors in Cartagena?

Will was in Colombia in 2018. At that time, he recorded some scenes for his movie Gemini Man at various points in the walled city.

Because of this, many street vendors were unable to work while the filming was taking place. Smith decided to help them and allocated the sum of one hundred million pesos to be distributed among them to pay for the days they stopped working while the streets where they normally carry out their work were being used.

Well, as we say in Colombia, that talk was lost! According to what was known by the plaintiff, María del Pilar Rocha Pacheco, legal representative of Veespú, oversight of the public space of Cartagena, «The sellers left their jobs for several days for the making of the film, which affected them financially, therefore the production allocated compensation for the days not worked that valued between 200 and 400 thousand pesos per person“.

Thanks to this complaint, it was learned that only 26 of the 600 vendors received a minimum amount of the money that corresponded to them. María del Pilar herself confirmed that: «Some were given 50 thousand pesos and those who were luckier were given 100 thousand pesos». In this way, the Attorney General’s Office is carrying out an investigation against the Secretary of Public Space of Cartagena, for the alleged crimes of embezzlement by appropriation and prevarication.

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