Where are the best dads in the world?

Father’s Day is approaching and surely only the best will be celebrated, -hopefully there will be many Vibra listeners- and it is for this reason that we are going to tell you where the best and the worst are.

Scientists from the Institute of Fatherhood in the United Kingdom have carried out a study on how parents assume responsibilities in child care, house cleaning or food preparation in fifteen developed countries. The results show that, in terms of the time they spend with their children, the worst parents live in United Kingdom.

According to the report published by the researchers, british men spend with their children 24 minutes for every hour their mothers dedicate to them. The study concludes that the best parents are the Portuguesewhich pass at least 39 minutes with their children for every hour of women. While, in Sweden, France, Italy and New Zealand fathers spend the same amount of time with their children as mothers, according to the report.

However, scientists point out that british men help women with housework: 34 minutes in housework and preparing food for every hour it takes women to do the same tasks. In this sense, the first place is occupied by the daneswho dedicate 44 minutes for every hour of women.

Taken from News