When your partner makes you feel bad, what should you do?

If many times you have asked yourself what you should do when your partner makes you feel badhere are some ideas of how you should handle the situation.

Relationships are not a bed of roses, especially when time passes and the initial romance gives way to the first problems, monotony, etc.

If you have heard on more than one occasion that someone pronounces words like “My partner makes me feel bad”, pay attention and if you are the one who feels this way you should pay attention to your relationship. It is clear that when we have a partner there should never be emotional abuse under any circumstances. That’s why if the person who says they love you makes you feel bad, you should tell them or take action as soon as possible.

In case you want to know how to make a man miss you according to his zodiac sign or what are the attitudes with which you know that your partner may be causing you emotional problems, then you should read this:

What to do when your partner makes you feel bad?

Having a partner, it is clear that there are good days and also bad days, which is completely normal when there is a relationship. However, when that person makes you feel bad one day and the next, it is clear that you are facing an abusive situation where there is emotional or psychological abuse. Do you want to know how to handle this situation? We tell you what you should know.

How to know if your partner is hurting you

If you see situations arise like your partner is your worst critic, he says that he has no problem but that it is you who does not understand him, his actions are not related at all to his words, your partner makes you feel bad because he always He says what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, you feel insecure around him, he makes comments and has hurtful behavior, it is clear that there is a bad relationship.

What to do if my partner makes me feel bad

Faced with these situations, it is important that you know how to act so that things improve, however, there are some times when it is best to turn the page for your own good and end that toxic relationship.

  • Don’t let anyone make snap judgments about you, least of all your partner. Demand respect, dialogue, speak assertively, making your position clear.
  • The person who uses as a strategy to say that you and only you are the one with the problem, all he is doing is evading his own responsibility and harming the couple. Never allow it to make you feel bad, or to invalidate you and so you can regain power.
  • Maintaining a relationship should be synonymous with growth, emotional, psychological and personal enrichment. That is why if someone imposes on you how to be and how to act, you can reach the point of losing yourself.
  • If your partner makes you feel bad today, here and now, remember to tell him. If that behavior becomes repetitive you have to demand changes and if you definitely see that this will never happen, then it’s time to walk away.

Remember that love is the most beautiful and healing emotion that exists. That is why it is important that you always keep in mind that there is no room for suffering, tears, and even less fear.

It may be possible that he wants to take other directions and end the relationship. You can determine that with very specific behaviors:

Stop worrying about your things

Suddenly you are no longer his priority. She begins to put other people above you that before nothing to see, when before she only lived for your eyes.

It’s rude

Although not a single rudeness comes out of his mouth, this attitude is revealed in things like:

  • humiliates you
  • She no longer asks you for forgiveness when she messes it up
  • Compares you to other people or women
  • Keeps in a bad temper and without reason
  • Everything you do annoys him

Ignores you

What you may interpret as communication problems may actually be signs of falling out of love, such as:

  • He avoids you, even stops having sex with you and doesn’t even kiss you
  • No longer strives to surprise you with details
  • He doesn’t even write to you on WhatsApp

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