When your partner is bothered by everything you do, how do you fix it?

There are times in relationships when your partner is bothered by everything you do and it is not a healthy situation for either of them. Why does this happen and how to overcome it?

At first, couple relationships are a single idyll full of smiles, kisses and hugs, however, time and coexistence make things change and that is the most normal thing in the world; the first disagreements and discussions begin, which can sometimes be for no reason or what is the same, for everything.

To me, like anyone who has been in a relationship, it has happened to me; That’s why I was talking to him psychologist Pedro Becerra Pedrazaa specialist in affective grief, and I asked him why this happens, if it can be prevented and how to manage it so that the relationship does not turn into hell.

Why does a man get angry about everything (or a woman)?

The expert explains that the origin can be many causes, for example:

  • Due to a hormonal disorder.
  • Because of the frustrations in other areas of his life: his anger towards himself and others is reflected in the way he treats his partner.
  • Has a frustration within the linkFor example, they feel disadvantaged, that they do not have space to express themselves, or they do not feel valued, wanted, loved and/or desired.
  • feel economic imbalance of the relationship and does not feel equipped with the tools to negotiate.
  • there is another person in the erotic area of ​​the life of the one who gets angry.
  • have had one so big disappointment of the couple which becomes insurmountable.
  • when you have obsessive thoughts about aspects of your partner’s life.
  • Finally, it may be that know a secret and cannot reveal it, but it is something that affects the couple.

Is it possible to prevent my partner from getting angry about everything I do?

Although many times it is not possible to avoid getting angry, the psychologist explains that (if the discomfort is not hormonal or comes from external factors) it is possible to avoid these situations but afterwardsthat is, after talking with the couple about the subject and perhaps the help of a specialist is needed.

How to act when your partner is bothered by everything you do?

“The couple is a construct, it is a place where you arrive, but most people are really couples, but becoming a couple is a path, it is a purpose; very few become a couple, then One way to become a couple is to develop excellent communication.

Let’s say, to be able to speak widely. Individual psychotherapy is an advance because everyone talks to himself and psychotherapy is a controlled scenario, where one establishes a conscious conversation with another human being who investigates him and makes him think of himself and in relation to another.

Then psychotherapy is a budget that favors the possibility of becoming a couple(as well as) open communication, in principle without judging (and) clear agreements on the why and what for of the link.”

Ensures the expert.

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