When you read this you will not throw away the rice water again

If you want to have more energy, at the same time as healthier skin and shiny hair, we have information for you that will help you a lot. Since these are just some of the tremendous benefits that you will have with this ancient Chinese recipe that over the years has become very popular in the Western world.

And it’s very simple, as you can get a healthy body and beautiful skin with just two very common and inexpensive ingredients: water and rice.

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Recipe to obtain Rice Water

How to prepare it?

You’ve probably heard that the water you washed the rice in is rice water, but that’s not true. It requires one more step.

To make this preparation it is recommended put more water when preparing rice water than is usually put when cooking rice for lunch. While you can also use that water, you won’t get the same healthy effects as if you used the original rice water, which is what you get when you boil rice in it.

Once you’ve got the water you can drink it while it’s still hot, and you can also add some kind of sweetener. Similarly, if you prefer, you can drink it once cold or use it to wash your face or hair.

Rice water is full of properties. It happens that rice water contains inositolwhich is an organic compound that promotes cell growth, and can also slow down the aging process, while also stimulating blood flow, which diminishes the appearance of open pores and, therefore, gives more vitality to the face.

It is also fantastic for the skin since it contains vitamins, minerals, and especially PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) which is a naturally occurring substance that is frequently used in sun care and skin care products. It also contains allantoinY ferulic acidwhich are antioxidants that have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

What are the health benefits of rice water?

  • Provides energy
  • Successfully prevents gastroenteritis
  • Excellent in cancer prevention.
  • Regulates body temperature.
  • Prevents and cures constipation

It also has cosmetic benefits:

  • If you wash your face with rice water, your skin will be softer
  • It is an excellent tonic replacement
  • Helps in closed pores on the face
  • If you wash your hair with rice water, it will make it shinier and healthier.