When to put earrings on a baby, keep these recommendations in mind!

If you want to know when to put earrings on a babywe give you some recommendations that will be of great help to you.

For several generations, piercing the ears of girls when they are newborns to place earrings has been a practice that has been seen as something natural. However, a few years ago, some doubts have begun to arise about what is the perfect time to put earrings on a baby.

When are earrings placed on a baby?

Normally the earrings are put on babies the day after they are born, taking care that it is always in the best hygienic conditions. The process consists in that before placing the earring, the earlobe is cleaned with alcohol and then a light massage is given where a little topical anesthesia is applied. In addition, when doing the procedure, sterilized material and gloves should always be used.

Then a mark is made so that it is as symmetrical as possible and with the help of a small gun the sterilized earring is inserted pressing for a few seconds. The process is very fast and the pain is almost zero, so anesthesia is used, although it is important to mention that the baby will feel some discomfort. It is important that after the perforations a control is done to avoid infections or complications.

Recommendations of earrings in a baby

Once your baby has her first earrings, it is important that you keep in mind that you should not wear earrings that dangle or that can get tangled in her clothes or blankets. Ideally, the first arts should be gold to avoid causing an infection or an allergic reaction to your baby.

When to put earrings on a baby

Faced with this issue, there are several options that parents should take into account, as mentioned, some prefer to do it to newborn babies. However, some experts recommend waiting until the girl can care for the piercings herself, or at least wait until she has her first dose of essential vaccines, that is, around the age of two.

Also in other cases, experts assure that newborns are still developing their immune system, which makes it ideal to wait at least six months to put on the earrings and prevent possible infections. The truth is that regardless of when they decide to do it, it is recommended that when piercing the ears the process is done very carefully and then a follow-up is carried out to avoid infections.

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