When do labradors calm down? An expert explains!

Come to the Labbi? You ask yourself when you see your little dog: “When do Labradors calm down?”

We will answer this interesting question for you today with an insight into the life stages of dogs and a Labrador’s puberty.

We tell you how much exercise per day is appropriate and how mental work contributes to a balanced personality.

In a nutshell: When do Labradors become calmer?

At the age of 2 to 2.5 years, your Labrador is fully grown and is slowly becoming calmer.

Despite this, he is in the prime of his life at this point and is still spirited and adventurous!

The development of your Labrador Retriever depends on several factors.

What can I do to make my Labrador calmer?

In order for your Labrador to become calmer, it is important that you understand his behavior, let him be a dog and die assess different phases of a dog’s life can.

If you have a Labrador puppy at home, follow these three tips so that your baby dog ​​becomes a well-balanced dog later:

  1. Puppies need to learn to rest! It’s a fallacy that dogs become calmer when they’re constantly being entertained. It’s extremely important that you teach your puppy that the world doesn’t always revolve around them and that they need to take breaks and keep calm.
  1. Encourage your dog but don’t overwhelm him. Physical and mental workload (brain work) should be dosed appropriately and adjusted to the nature and age of your dog.
  1. If you’re unsure how to train a puppy to be calm and composed, feel free to ask one dog trainer close to you. The rule here is: better sooner than later!

Good to know:

How much exercise your dog needs per day depends on his age.

You can also increase the amount of mental work as you get older – but remember that your dog will demand your attention more often if you keep him busy.

The development stages of the German Labrador with energy levels

The Developmental stages of dogs can be divided into weekly sections, especially in puppyhood.

Today we limit ourselves to the phases of life from the point at which a puppy can move in with you.

Socialization phase: 4th – 12th week of life

With 8 weeks at the earliest puppies should be separated from their mother and littermates.

Now the little dog is in the important one socialization phasein which he discovers the world with curiosity and can be carefully introduced to everyday situations.

energy level: Tall, playful, interested, lively

Juvenile phase: 12 weeks to 7 months

Now your puppy is ready to learn its first commands and develop its personality.

There will also be a time during the juvenile phase when your Labrador puppy will be more anxious than before. This is completely normal and very important so that he doesn’t overestimate himself later!

energy level: Tall, playful, challenging, sassy, ​​lively

Puberty: 7 to 18 months

As with two-legged teenagers, the puberty in dogs often a challenging time.

What your little Labrador has already learned will be put to the test in this phase.

With the 17./18. month sets the sexual maturity – the hormone balance of your young dog will be shaken up before and during this time.

energy level: High, challenging, lively, entrepreneurial, playful, cheeky, sometimes rebellious

Adult dog: From 2 to 3 years

Even if your Labrador becomes sexually mature at 18 months, he is only fully grown at 2 to 2.5 years and growing up slowly.

At this point, your Labrador is starting to calm down!

Good to know:

Every dog ​​has its own personality. Some dogs are naturally calmer, while others remain lively and crazy into old age.

It also depends on how you train your dog and what kind of character you bring with you.

energy level: Still high, but now generally becoming more relaxed and balanced.

Labrador Training: Is a Labrador Difficult to Train?

The Labrador Retrievers is considered an excellent family and popular dog for beginners.

He brings a so-called “Will to please” with what makes your upbringing much easier. Labradors love their people, are very willing to learn, intelligent and always want to please their two-legged friends.

In the dog training it is important that you have sufficient understanding for the behavior of a dog, that you deal with it intensively and that you approach the matter with a lot of calm, love and consistency.

Conclusion: When do Labradors become calmer?

At around 2-2.5 years your Labrador Retriever is fully grown and is slowly becoming calmer.

Nevertheless, at this point he is in the prime of his life, agile and fun-loving.

It is important that your dog learns from an early age that there is not always action. Rest periods and breaks are important in every phase of life! Remember that dogs rest up to 20 hours a day!


In order for your Labrador to be a well-balanced companion, you should pay attention to its origin when buying a puppy!

The business with puppies continues to boom and breeders do not value species-appropriate rearing!

The puppies grow up in poor conditions and are separated from their mother far too early – this leads to behavioral problems, separation anxiety and an unbalanced character.

By informing yourself, you have already taken a first step in the right direction.

If we still have questions about the topic: “When do Labradors become calmer?” answer, please leave us a comment below this article.