When a man wants to leave you, he behaves like this…

Do you know how to recognize when a man wants to leave you? Here are the signs you should pay attention to.

Relationships are not a bed of roses, especially when time passes and the initial romance gives way to the first problemsmonotony, etc.

Although there is love, relationships wear out or it may happen that one of the two just fell out of love with the other. That’s easy to recognize when it happens to one, but what if it’s your partner? How can you know?

When a man wants to leave you he does this

1. Ask for a time

Be careful, not all people who ask for time do so because they have stopped wanting; if he makes it clear to you why he needs to be alone, fine; If the reasons sound like an excuse, he may no longer feel anything for you.

2. Ignores you

What you may interpret as communication problems may actually be signs of falling out of love, such as:

  • He avoids you, even stops having sex with you and doesn’t even kiss you
  • No longer strives to surprise you with details
  • He doesn’t even write to you on WhatsApp

3. Stop worrying about your things

Suddenly you are no longer his priority. She begins to put other people above you that before nothing to see, when before she only lived for your eyes.

4. It’s rude

Although not a single rudeness comes out of his mouth, this attitude is revealed in things like:

  • humiliates you
  • She no longer asks you for forgiveness when she messes it up
  • Compares you to other people or women
  • Keeps in a bad temper and without reason
  • Everything you do annoys him

5. When a man wants to leave you, he lies to you

Lying is something that hurts and hurts, and it has nothing to do with each one having their private life apart from the relationship. The worst thing about the liar is that when they catch him he denies it and on top of that you’re on duty. If that happens to you, stack up.

6. He does not include you in his future

Simple and clear. If he suddenly starts making plans in which you don’t appear anywhere, like a trip to Japan to do a master’s degree that lasts two years, and things like that… Wrong!

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