When a man repeats with the same woman or vice versa, what does it mean?

Know that means when a man repeats with the same womanor vice versa? For many love is a mystery, but psychology can give many answers.

The paths that love takes are often mysterious, as well as the decisions that people make in relationships, especially when they are just starting out; for example, that a man or woman decides to see a person again after the dreaded first date.

Speaking of repeating, we can distinguish some variants, for example, that he asks you out again, that he repeats in bed or even that the repetition is a typical case of going back with one or an ex, that is, repeating the entire relationship.

What it means when a man repeats with the same woman and vice versa

First we will refer to formal couple relationships…

Why do men come back when you ignore them?

As the psychologist Aina VB explains in psychology-onlinewhen you ignore your partner, he may start looking for you (if he didn’t, of course) because he feels that he suddenly loses the security that you were always going to be there for him, awakening the fear of losing you.

Why do men look for their ex?

The answer to this question could be summed up in the famous phrase «No one knows what He has, until He loses it»because he begins to remember all the beautiful things they did together and is filled with a feeling of nostalgia that drives him to look for that ex to re-experience the sensations of the past.

When a man wants to repeat, it can also mean other things

However, not everything is rosy when they look for you over and over again, because in reality it is not such a good sign, and this usually happens when there is no relationship and there never was.

The psychologist Pedro Becerra Pedraza He explains that, although the perseverance of the lover tends to be romanticized, from therapy you can reach other conclusions that are not so positive for you, for example, that that man comes back simply because he knows that you never say no.

“Sometimes he is a supremely narcissistic person, who thinks that the other person he leaves in the freezer is very lucky to be his partner, so he kind of leaves them there and then comes back and shows up and it turns out that person is not all that matters. what was thought, but quite the opposite.”

Explains to Vibra Pedro Becerra Pedraza, individual and couples psychologist, specialist in emotional duels. Known on Twitter as @SoyQuitapenas

The professional clarifies that it can also be a person who has a kind of indifferent love, untied, and that he looks for you simply because one day he remembered you, appearing and disappearing alternately; this generates in any person insecurity and a very exhausting bond.

Finally, the doctor indicates that another reason why he comes back is because his life is in chaos and he can’t make up his mind: can not be with you or without you.

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