What will happen to Cristian Castro? (Photos)

Now in Mexico there are two big concerns, the first is where is Chapo Gúzman? And what is happening to Cristian Castro?

A magazine published exclusive photos in which Verónica Castro’s son appears completely dressed as a woman, with makeup and also with a puppy.

Because of situations like the photos of Cristian Castro, Jesus has not returned to earth. Fear God! pic.twitter.com/qAu6deq9y0

— Jorge Guzman Mtz. (@JorgeGuzmanMtz) July 29, 2015

His photos drove everyone crazy on social media, where he was compared to Miley Cyrus and with Caitlyn Jenner.

Maybe Cristian Castro is preparing to play Miley Cyrus. pic.twitter.com/6pGaHJkKQ2

– The Alpha and Omega (@Letuitero) July 29, 2015

Who needs Caitlyn Jenner when we have Cristian Castro.

— Kat Delgado (@Iekatz) July 29, 2015

The truth is that Christian He has attracted attention in every possible way and it is not for less being the son of one of the most beloved comedians in Mexico. «El Loco Valdes».

Now the problem is for his parents who will be wondering what they did wrong when raising him.

And so the social networks exploded.